Analyse feedback

Consolidate user research and feedback in one place

Replace docs, spreadsheets, wikis, and storage solutions with a single platform built for product discovery.

Desktop and Mobile illustration
Desktop and Mobile illustration

Keep track of where the data comes from

Bring learnings from multiple research studies, and sources of feedback together.

Organise key takeaways

Capture and organise key takeaways, such as feature requests and pain points, in every piece of user feedback you review. 

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Desktop and Mobile illustration
Desktop and Mobile illustration

Visualise learnings by topics, segments and customers

Discover patterns as you search, visualise and explore relationships in your data learnings. 

Share insights with your team

Explain customer behaviours based on patterns in their feedback, easily share context with your team and demonstrate business impact with evidence-based insights.

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Discover insights with your team.

See what our users are saying

We're working on a new feature that's still in beta. And we've been tracking quantitative data, but it hasn't been performing well.

So are pairing it with the qualitative insights to really identify what are the pain points, why it isn't performing at its current state.

Epiphany has been really helpful in organizing the notes and categorize things such that you can see what are the commonalities between the users - that has helped a lot.

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Karina Lee

Chief of Staff

Epiphany really allows you to see all the different things and highlights all at one glance.

Sometimes you have so many scripts and so many things to highlight - it just makes everything consolidated so easy to look through the different categories.

I think the best part is that it allows people to do it, remotely and collaboratively.

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Shaina Tan

Service Designer
At a hospital

We really thankful that you've made this tool available for us, in the beta phase and allowed us to use it in our work.

It has some real impact for us, in terms of making sense of the observations in feedback from our users.

Rui Zhang

Data Product Manager

Epiphany makes analyzing user interviews and drawing insights from them a breeze.

It’ so intuitive and powerful that there is no learning curve.

I’m in love with this tool, it reduced weeks worth of thematic analysis to mere days!

Just being honest, no fluff :)

Rahul Hareendran

User Experience Architect
At a bank

‍Epiphany could very well be THE solution to my everyday challenges with storing, keeping an overview of, analysing and sharing the knowledge I pick-up from the field!

I love it and it’s supporting me inturning research from being something ‘academic’ into a useful and indispensable pillar of a business.

Simone Søgaard Jacobsen

Research & Development Director
The Index Project

“Being invited to try the product from the very early stage, I am amazed by how much the Epiphany team’s have achieved to come up with a product that is not only useful but enjoyable and smooth to use.

Every time when I have a need for a feature, it’s already considered in the app.

As a UX researcher, I understand how well you need to understand your customers to achieve this.

Thanks, Epiphany to help us save time and effort. In my recent study, I can quickly spend 2 days to summarise my whole week’s 15 interviews, and make it presentable to the internal team. It may take 3-4 days in the past and the only thing you get is walls full of post-it-notes.”

Donnie Lee

UX Researcher
Alibaba Inc

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